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Live painting at Young Business Movement event - SWA Magazine

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town west mall 20-22 June 2014

with Mahendra Nazar, Katherine Karnadi and Aditya Pratama

loolma said: I really like everything you do .. keep it up !

thank you very much, i appreciate it highly :) keep in touch :)

Inspired by Arris Aprillo's Sun Spirit, and the colors of Hendi Thamrin ‘s photos. Here are my drawings, my tribute to these rare-beautiful ladies

done with watercolor and pencil on paper

August 2, 2014

dear friends,

in some ways, in recent time i do feel like i have the trust and the appreciation from people to do thing that i like which is drawing, so in this very opportunity, i would like to thank to all of you.

first of all i would like to thank my Family and all of you that supporting my works especially the Irrawaddy dolphins drawing, it means a lot to me since i never expect any of this to ever happen in my life.

thank you to my dearest who never give up supporting me, even in my very dramatic moments and sadness, thank you so much for being the best audiences of my works premieres since the first days, even i knew some of those works are pathetically hopeless.. Tita, Greggy and Grace for the time, support and the companions of this journey of my work. my thank will never be enough.

to those who took me to higher level, Prita Ayodya, Mahendra Nazar, Sandy Lee, Shakina Katili, and Mark Fatal. you’ll never know how big the differences you’ve made in my growing. it does leave a solid mark that i will never forget. i wouldn’t be who i am today without any of your helps.

thanks to you too, for all the support and loves, Jiell Angel, Ary Ananda, Naomi Dame, Paul Agusta, Ajeng Puri Palupi, Wenyi Riwu Kaho, Renata Owen, Timothy Istianto, Aditya Pratama, Arris Aprillo, Hendi Thamrin, Adityayoga, Samuel Marolop, Nova Dhana Santosa, Adri tirtoarrazaq, Mira Masita, Dimas “Dimgras” Pramana, Hengki Kawilarang, and many of you that i couldn’t remember at the moment.



Redrawing my Planetarium Rangers


Made for the Back To Basics by Artmedium concept-store exhibition. acrylic on Vinyl,

i briefed that the illustration must insert the number “8” cause its the birthday 8th birthday for Artmedium Concept-store . so the story is i’m trying to fulfill the meaning of infinity (by the 8 number design) and i put also the “infinity” thing (the sun)….. oh i’m so bad on describing this. i will make new description after i put the words together, but for now, let it be just like this.


Seven Deadly Sins, Hand-Painted tshirt

Random Pleasure is an Illustration series i made in 2010-2011 and continued as my first mini solo exhibition in 2011 with the title ‘Random Pleasure’

time flew so quick, i can’t barely see trough.


my Mural for Young Business Movement by SWA Magazine at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Center. 20.06.2014 - 22.06.2014

sorry for the low quality photo cause i didn’t brought my camera, i re-post the photos from people’s Instagram account :) thank you for friends and people who spent their time coming :) 

special thanks to : Mahendra, Arini, Mogri, Adit, Nia, Grace, Shakina, Rinintha, Sandy, Sulvi, Tandika, SJS, Hardi.

i appreciate it highly,

Atre’ :)